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Aristotelis was one of the great philosophers of Ancient Greece who has influenced how the world acts and thinks today. Aside from that, he was also Alexander the Great's mentor.
For more information of this great thinker that Halkidiki has produced, we have compiled a list of links about Aristotelis and his works:

  • Aristotle's Political Philosophy Page
  • Biography of Aristotle
  • http://www.utm.edu/research/iep/a/aristotl.htm
  • http://www.knight.org/advent/cathen/01713a.htm
  • Aristotle and Aristotelianism
  • Paul Bullen's Aristotle Page
  • The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Aristotle
  • Aristotle's Four Causes by Tom Bridge
  • Enrico Berti's The Present Relevance of Aristotle's Thought
  • Bjorn's Aristotle Page
  • Sarkiss's Aristotle Page
  • The Works of Aristotle
  • Further Reading in Aristotle
  • Bibilography on Aristotle Metaphysics and Ethics
  • Perseus Project (complete set of texts in English)

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